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We offer yoga privately or in  a corporate or group setting to senior and neighborhood communities, at events and at your office. Our classes are designed with the student in mind. We adapt each class to the participants regardless of their ability. We believe in the power of movement to stay healthy and vital.

We offer private, group and corporate meditation classes. We start with the basics and show practitioners how to begin and maintain their own meditation practices at home. We also offer a 6-week meditation series that builds on itself to leave each participant with a solid understanding and experience in meditation.

"Mindfulness is accepting the moment as it is without the need to change it." Mindfulness practices are incorporated throughout each yoga and meditation class. We also offer a 3-week mindfulness series that teaches concepts found in traditional yoga and meditation practices.


Melenie Borden

Melenie is the founder of Dharma Holistics. She is an experienced yoga instructor, meditation facilitator, mindfulness coach, reiki master and ordained minister. Her approach to teaching has evolved from her own experience with chronic pain. Through yoga, functional meditation and mindfulness practices she helps to empower her clients to reduce pain, maintain and enhance mobility and flexibility as well as reduce anxiety and stress related symptoms.


She incorporates physical movement, practical breathing exercises and mindfulness practices to help her clients find increased health, vitality and mental serenity.


Joyce, Boca Raton, FL

“I have been taking chair yoga with Melenie twice a week for almost 2 years now. I feel so much more flexible and it has improved my balance. I love the breath and mindfulness exercises she does with us. It has helped me become so much more conscious of how shallow I breath normally. I feel so relaxed when I leave her class. "

Mark, Boca Raton, FL

"I've always been active, but now that I have started aging, I know I have to keep moving. Melenie's class is safe, accessible and fun to take part in. I hope to keep this up for many more years!"

Cindy, Boca Raton, FL

“I wake up every morning with pain in my joints and muscles. When I come back from Melenie's classes I feel like I can move so much more. I've been taking her classes for almost a year and I feel stronger and healthier.  ”
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